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Product Focus
Product Focus
Product Focus

Global Metal Solutions have provided a broad range of product solutions on a number of high profile projects.

Housings - Project for the Middle East

The Control Arm Housings require a great deal of precision comprising of offset journals and extensive turning/milling carried out, ensuring the concentricity is accurate is a challenging task due to the length  of these tools which can be in excess of 2 meters long.

Ball Catcher


Cutter Arms - An integral part of the Reamer Body.

Our concept is simple: We offer a quality product to meet with your specification with the ability to reduce cost’s within your supply chain

Areas of Supply

Global Metal Solutions has machining links with the following worldwide destinations:

United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland



Czech Republic


United Arab Emirates

Asia /China:

Working in partnership with steel mills inclusive of Low Alloys /Exotic raw material, products include forgings, bar, sheet, plate.